Non-assimilation of religious teaching responsible for national problems

September 2, 2013 from

A minister in  Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Rev. Uche Okafor, has attributed insecurity, corruption and other crises in the country to non-assimilation of religious messages by adherents of various religions.
Okafor made the remark in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at the sendoff ceremony for Rev. Marvelous Kalu of Nyanya Parish, to Lagos on Sunday.
Okafor, therefore, called on both Christians and Muslims to practise the teaching of their religions and show love for one another.
``I want to encourage people to practise what they are taught by their religions: to show love to one another and be united.
``I am encouraging believers, whether you are a Christian or Muslim, to understand that the greatest thing that God expects of us is to love one another.
``What we are seeing in our nation today is not actually what is supposed to be. There is crisis everywhere, people fighting one another, hatred, animosity, all manner of evil and corruption’’, he said.
``People do not imbibe the messages that are being preached in churches and mosques.’’ 
``Where is the reality of our faith? Every Sunday, we troop to the church, every Friday we troop to the mosque. How is this manifest in our lives?’’
Okafor called on religious leaders not to relent in preaching love and peace and for people to abide by the tenets of their religions for peace to reign in the country.
``Religion is a potent instrument that should be used to promote peaceful co-existence among the people.
``Those who take up arms to kill in the name of religion do so as a result of poverty of knowledge. God wants us to preach peace to mankind, without peace, no man can see God.
``The centre of everything we do in the society is religion. It is either you go to church or mosque to worship’’, he added. (NAN)

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