other activities

IFAPP works at both national and sub-national levels for the peaceful coexistence of religious groups in Nigeria through an integrated set of educational and advocacy programmes, projects and initiatives that will enlighten adherents of both faiths, diffuse tension, and promote peace. We offer the following:


Creation of multimedia cartoons with indigenous super-heroes that either reflect the thematic responses/ challenges or positively address challenges highlighted in the thematic areas.  Comics and comic strips that cater to low literacy environments i.e. content that emphasise the visual and minimise the written.


Conferences, knowledge sharing forums and strategy sessions would be held regularly to discuss experiences and strategies for peace-building and conflict resolution/management among clerics and community leaders from conflict-prone and conflict-impacted communities, especially those that are dealing with the Boko Haram challenge.


IFAPP would gather a database of known religious leaders across the country so as to send invites to them to attend the conferences and discuss the strategies to restore peace and maintain religious tolerance in Nigeria.


Production of short jingles that use religious passages to dispel wrong messages about issues, such as jihad and crusade and shift public focus to the messages of peace. The jingles would enlighten the targeted Muslim and Christian population especially the youth and will have an uplifting feel using peace time footage and photographs with short bursts of quotes from the Qur'an and Hadith and Christian Scriptures.


IFAPP would build and maintain an informal relationship with religious as well as political leaders so as to help further the goals and objectives set out by IFAPP.

solidarity and sympathy visits

This would be undertaken when the need arises.

vox populi

IFAPP will produce short interviews of ordinary Nigerians on the street and their messages on interfaith issues. This would be aired on the television and radio stations.