About Us



The Inter-Faith Activity and Partnership for Peace brings together an uncommon amalgam of influences across the major religious groups with the purpose of using their considerable reach and goodwill to promote peaceful coexistence of religious groups and also seek solutions to the security and stability challenges facing Nigeria. The primary beneficiaries of these initiatives are Nigerians whose lives have been altered and affected by religious tension and security challenges while the goal of this project is the emergence of a critical national mass of adherents of both Christians and Muslims faiths dedicated to peaceful coexistence through the facilitation and capacitating of an alternative communication and interactive platform that is owned by the people.

our mission

A peaceful world founded on justice, mutual understanding and respect of religious and cultural diversities

our vision

To provide a sustainable national platform for structured and constructive engagement between Nigeria’s faith communities for the advancement of peace and harmonious co-existence

our shared values

We believe in the inherent dignity, equality and inviolability of all human beings

our specific objectives

IFAPP plans to achieve the following:
1.Provide a credible and trusted platform for dialogue between people of different faiths.
2.Provide opportunity for information sharing between religious leaders on major governance and development challenges confronting Nigeria and how to better respond to these collectively.
3.Identify strategies and means of strengthening inter-religious relations at the community, state, regional and national levels.
4.Work out modalities for stemming the rising tension between Christians and Muslims.
5.Identify strategies for combating the Boko Haram challenge.


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